Káráni is a word in my family’s language, P’urhépecha (from my mother’s side). It means both to Write or to Fly depending on where you place the accent. Like the smoke of incense rising up to meet the creator, words too have a way of flying out towards the universe, in many ways our word can be our most powerful weapon, in that sense I am a keeper of the word, and I present here thoughts that have been waiting to fly at the speed of thought.

This project began as a creative writing project. It started with writing I had been meaning to release over the years, I had hoped for others to find meaning in the stories and experiences of campesinas y campesinos who have resettled the rural U.S., are making place, and changing the world con su inquietud a la injusticia. Interestingly, the project took a life of its own as they often do in the midst of social movements, what began as a creative project became a vocero announcing the struggles and wins that were occurring in the field, where I as a Ph.D. candidate and researcher matured as a public intellectual in my capacity as part of a team, or better said hive, of shapers at Community to Community Development fostering social movements in our combined effort to change the world.

The writing on this blog began as the writing of an individual, Tomás Alberto Madrigal, soon to be Ph.D. It morphed into an online platform that featured guest writers, and collaborations between movement shapers and myself. Telling our versions of what happened, what we are shaping, and inviting others to join us.



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