The Underdogs: At risk, the year of Zapata


By Gloria Muñoz Ramírez

February 9, 2019


Every morning we only hear one version regarding the governmental programs; the version according to the office of the president of the republic. It’s normal. It’s about his correspondence and his view. He usually has guests, both from his cabinet and from people involved in his initiatives, such as Emiliano Zapata’s relatives, for example, with whom he sets out to organize a series of events to commemorate the centenary of the assassination of the army general of the south.


So far, there is one voice that has not been invited to the private presidential conferences to offer another version of the presidential projects.


A new citizen consultation was announced on February 6th – this time to launch the thermoelectric HUEXCA project (not Huesca, as the consultation ballot says), in Morelos; And the corresponding pipeline, under the premise that they will not pollute the water.


For six years, the impacted population has organized a front for the people’s defense of the land and water in Morelos, Puebla and Tlaxcala. And today, in the context of this presidential announcement, they warn that the capital project, in addition to representing an ecological and health risk from the discharge of sewage into the Cuautla river, also deprives irrigation water to communal land holders (Ejidatarios), pollutes the air and the agricultural crops, generates acid rain and a lack of security due to the presence of a pipeline in a volcanic and seismic risk zone, as the government institutions themselves have warned.


The organized communities definitely reject the presidential consultation, because, they argue, “it is the impacted populations who must decide the destiny of this capital project and not the citizenship in general. To carry out a consultation like that of the new airport of Mexico City or the Mayan train, López Obrador would be violating the right of self-determination and indigenous consultation of the Nahua peoples protected by the Integral Plan for Morelos (Plan Integral Morelos)”.


An indigenous consultation, they insist, is not the same as a citizen consultation. “The sympathy that people have for the new president, and the mainstream media that is available to them, generates a disadvantage regarding indigenous peoples. If the thermoelectric power plant is not cancelled (work suspended with the six protections and social mobilization), there will be no year of Zapata,” warned the impacted peoples.

Source: La Jornada

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