Call to Action: A day without Farmworkers, March 17, 2017



The Alliance of National, State and Municipal Organizations for Social Justice

The Independent National Democratic Union of Agricultural Farm Workers


In commemoration of the 2nd Anniversary of the general strike in San Quintín.

We will never forget March 17. It’s not a day of celebration but a day of protest and demand.

March 17th “A Day Without Farmworkers” Do not work.

We lift our voice starting at 4:00 AM in each colony just like that historic day of the general strike on March 17, 2015.

Beginning at 7:00 AM, we will meet at Motores Checos at Vicente Guerrero.

JOIN US in these activities in each of the colonies, Colonet, Díaz Ordaz, Camalú, Vicente Guerrero, San Quintín.

We will wait for you with your demands on your banners.

For a better future and a new nation!



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