Communique from the Winyan and Two Spirit Camp at Standing Rock


October 17, 2016 – Standing Rock camp life is re-indiginizing. It is healing. It is the culmination of 524 years of fighting colonization. It is the time where we as Indigenous People start changing our story. It is a story of victory. Whatever the outcome of the Dakota Access Pipeline, we have created something so special, a place to heal and a space for the Youth to find their Power.  This is a template of our resistance for the 21st century, and it is only the beginning. The best way for me to describe the Sacred Stone and Oceti Sakowin camps is that it is a glimpse of how we lived together before the colonizers came. We helped each other, worked together, looked after one another. It is also the beginnings of how we will live again. We are reclaiming what colonization has taken from us, our collective strength.

The Power of Prayer is what protects and drives the camps. Direct action incorporates ceremony. An Elder reminded us before we went out on an action yesterday that The Battle of Greasy Grass (what is referred to by American History as The Battle of Little Bighorn) was a ceremony. That is why we are winning and will continue to win, because the police and military see us, they see us in ceremony and they see we are not afraid and that we are fighting for their water and their children’s water and their grandchildren’s water.  On the frontlines yesterday we blocked the Veterans Memorial Highway Bridge in Bismark, about a 30 minute drive from the camps. We held the bridge and we were met with riot cops. Often the local media creates the idea that we are rioting, we are praying and we are letting the world know we are here and we affirm life. We moved together in a march down the road, a white school bus filled with riot cops blocked the road, about 50 of them, we outnumbered them we were about 150 deep. The songs of the ancestors filled the air, we had ceremony in front of them, our two spirit youth fearlessly shared their medicine with everyone at the frontline. We stood our ground and showed the world what our strong prayers are being met with, guns, riot gear, batons, and threats of arrest. We do not want these pipelines, we do not want dependance on fossil fuels anymore. It is a death sentence to continue this way of life.

The Native People of the U.S. and beyond are joining the fight against the 4th world war, the war on humanity, and being arrested is the lesser of the real consequences of allowing these corporations to determine our ability to live. Amy Goodman had her court date at the Mandan courthouse as well as our other frontline Warriors that have been arrested and charged with felonies. We rallied back at the courthouse to show our support, sing songs, have ceremony, again we were met with over 30 riot police as well as state troopers. Our prayers proved to be successful as the felonies were dropped one by one. It was a victorious day there was one arrest at the courthouse for standing in the road, but only off the curbside, not in the middle of the road. We are doing all we can to stop the black snake (dakota access pipeline), and we need all our Warriors to be here with us, those that have experience with direct action, you are being called to stand with us. We are winning. We have a right to life.

From the resistance in the hills of the Standing Rock Sioux Nation.

The Winyan and Two Spirit Camp hosts the Women and Two Spirit Water Protectors of Standing Rock.

Fund the Movement:

Winyan and Two Spirit Camp at Standing Rock


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