Manifesto of March 17th




Translation by Multi-Medios Karani

Alliance of National, State and Municipal Organizations for Social Justice

National Independent Democratic Farm Worker Union




The Alliance of National, State and Municipal Organizations for Social Justice and the National Independent Democratic Farm Worker Union proclaim the following Manifesto:

One year after the general strike of farm workers from the municipality of Ensenada, Baja California.

With a demand that is so simple yet profound against modern slavery and against exploitation that is complicit with the three levels of government.

The Alliance of Organizations and now the Union of Farm Workers

Proclaim in the form of this manifesto our demands that were declared beginning March 17, 2015 and remain the same demands we always make,

  • We reject the sell out and thieving unions, such as C.T.M.C.R.O.M.C.R.O.C. and C.O.R. which are adhered to the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the Mexican Government, in the service of the large-scale agricultural corporations that exist in Baja California (B.C.), such as Rancho Los Pinos own by the Rodriguez brothers who with luxury of detail get the prize for the year as a major exporter, and the exploitation of farm workers continues at a thousand cases an hour, and the transnational corporations like: Driscoll’s, BerryMex owned by the Reiter Familyif it’s not enough to say, they operate in the United States of America, Mexico and Portugal. In the face of extreme repression by these transnational corporations, we call for a national and international boycott of their products.
  • We demand that Social Security not be denied to us.
  • We denounce the loss of our human rights that are guaranteed by the General Constitution of the Mexican Republic, in article 123, and by Federal legislation governing employment, in article 09, 71, 73,74,76, Chapter III, Article 87, Chapter V, Article 90, Article 164, 170, Title Five, and the rest of the articles of the same document.

The 14 points of our initial demand, are based and backed by the articles aforementioned.

The Secretary of Employment of the two levels of government, are accomplices of the violations of these rights, in our country the general constitution of the Republic, grants us the liberty of expression, for the Alliance of Organizations is the provision of “Liberty from Government repression“, for the Mexican public that reclaim our rights and the great dinosaurs that make up national politicscontinue to make political agreements of convenience, for example, before June 7, 2015, senators of all political parties were vigilant of this moment, others protected their government, such as the National Action Party (PAN), and Kiko Vega of Madrid, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and Enrique Peña Nieto.

One year after the general labor strike by agricultural workers in the San Quentin Valley, the Alliance of Organizations and the National Independent Democratic Union of Farm Workers, the organizations and unions that make up the National Union of Workers, UNT, organizations and unions from the United States that joined our movement remain firm in our 14 points of our original demands.


  1. Revocation of the collective bargaining contract signed between the C.T.M. and C.R.O.M. with the Association of Growers because of the various violations of our labor and human rights. We don’t even know the leaders that say they represent us.
  2. That seniority be respected. We don’t know any farm worker that has retired.
  3. That all workers are affiliated to IMSS from the first day they are hired by a company and provide a service in order for them to have medical coverage of their dependents.
  4. That all legally required presentations be paid leave, to have leave on seventh days and holidays. For us, there are no days off or holidays.
  5. For extra time to be paid for double or triple time. Our daily labor is sometimes 12 hours, we leave our houses at 3 in the morning and return many times after 7 in the evening.
  6. That the rights of maternity leave for farm workers be respected, six weeks before and six weeks after birth.
  7. For expectant fathers to also have 5 days of paid parental leave.
  8. No more tolerance of sexual harassment on the part of crew foremen or general managers and/or engineers in charge of the ranches.
  9. No reprisals against farm workers who participate directly or indirectly in our struggle.
  10. That the minimum wage of the state be a minimum of $300.00 a day. Because it is the minimum we need in order to live and since 2001 we earn as little as $100 to $130 pesos.
  11. That the piece-rate for each box of strawberries be a minimum of $30.00, since 2010 it’s been paid at $12 pesos. For Sundays and holidays to be paid double.
  12. That the minimum piece-rate for raspberry jars be $17.00. For Sundays and holidays to be paid double.
  13. That the minimum piece-rate for buckets of tomatoes be $8.00.
  14. The same goes for all the rest of the produce of Baja California, that there be a just wage, for there to be harmony between farm workers and bosses.

We add a public denouncement of the presence of supposed fair trade certifying organizations of the companies such as “EFI”, the Equitable Food Initiative, that work together with growers to produce food that is better for all, according to the label of EFI. What about the rights of farmworkers? In the standards of EFI, none of the articles of the general constitution of the republic are cited, even less the federal employment legislation. It is the same as the organization “Fair Trade Certified,” several organizations, based in the United States, have the same purpose of justifying the violation of the wellbeing and rights of human beings all over the world, the Alliance of Organizations and the National Independent Democratic Union of Farm Workers, energetically reject:

  • The Presence of these organizations in this country and call upon the International Labor Organization (ILO) to intervene. So that the Mexican government, accomplishes the international agreements, such as the right of indigenous peoples, human rights, and the right to form unions and the right to strike.
  • Politics that seek to eliminate the right to strike and labor arbitration. The Alliance and Union declare IF THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN LABOR THERE WILL BE NO PEACE IN REGARDS TO LABOR.

It surprises us that the sub-secretary of labor, Rafael Avante Juarez thank the C.T.M., C.R.O.M., C.R.O.C. and C.O.R., for their contribution to Labor Peace, if many of them are beholden to one sole party and government.

The Alliance of National, State, and Municipal Organizations for Social Justice and the National Independent Democratic Farm Worker Union, holds responsible the three levels of government, the growers and their fake unions, to restrain themselves against any repression, physical and verbal aggression to the comrades of this march.

The Alliance of Organizations and the Independent Union, the democratic activist organizations and collectives, democratic unions in the country and the rest of the world move forward together.

For a better future and a new country!

Long live the struggle of the San Quintin Farm Workers!

Long live the struggle of educational workers and form other sectors that are struggling all over this country and the world!

Until Victory Always!



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