Farmworker Denoucements of Baja California, Mexico Farms: Alliance of Federal, State and Municipal Organizations for Social Justice

The Alliance of Federal, State and Municipal Organizations for Social Justice collected these denouncements of the oppression that farmworkers face on the farms they work at in Mexico between September 11, 2015 and September 30, 2015.


“I work for Popo Garcia I want to denounce the manager who is called Chino and another who the y call El Pelón, They want us to overfill the cannery box because they say that they pay well and if it has debris in it he fires the person and tells the rest of us to keep working under these conditions or go fuck our mothers.

Today, he gave us the assignment to take off plastic from 11 fields even though they are not ready until tomorrow and with Chava they treat me the same.”


“We are farmworkers at the Ranch of Don Juanito

We want to denounce the managers…the general manager is called Sergio and they call him Checo, he forces us to work daily.

At work if we stop to catch our breath he yells at us and tells us to hurry and if we don’t obey he lays us off, even though we have been contracted to work.

In order to work the next season we have to take him beer, meat (Carne Seca, a delicacy in Oaxaca) and a lot of other things. He tells the women that If we are “good girls” with him that we will always have work at the ranch.

The manager of our crew is called Domingo and he also obligates us to work on a daily basis and he harasses the new women who just started working and if they ignore him he harasses them more frequently and he lays them off or makes them work by the hour when everyone else is being paid by piece-rate.

We want to end work earlier because they make us work really late, until 6:00 or 7:00 in the evening.”


“The Don Juanito Ranch I report that my husband leaves work late and he enters work at 5:00 am and arrives at 7 or 8 pm and he can’t rest because they will fire him”


“Los Pinos Ranch

Santiago Silveira and Mario Arce intimidated people so that they wouldn’t participate in the strike.

Los Pinos Ranch

They have threatened the people that live in the camp.”


“I am a farmworker at the Berrimex Ranch who is reporting the mistreatment by the hands of the general manager in the Muños Fields Hector Hernandez.

  1. He stops work really late
  2. If we miss work one day he lays us off for 3 days
  3. We work more than they record and they pay us
  4. He watches us closely and forces us to be quiet and not talk
  5. He threatens us
  6. He wants us to work even if we are sick”


“Did you know that Kiko vega is the “compadre” of Julio Meza from the Santa Maria Ranch.”


“Berrimex – Felipe Nicolas the general manager says why do you strike even though you all suck here?”


“The Don Juanito Ranch has the worst checkers.

They are rude, really bad and they exploit us

They never pay for overtime and they obligate us to work on holidays.”


“-Better known as Don Paz of the Benito Juarez neighborhood works with the Don Juanito Ranch

He always asks for a 24 pack of beer in order to contract us for work. He also tells the women that they have to treat him right they are going to win without having to work in the fields.”


“Maribel one of the checkers and the host of bus 033 fires people without a motive and that is not fair because they don’t have the permission of the ranch or the licentiate.”


“The San Simon Ranch Packing House

The manager Saul treats the people really bad.

On Sunday’s if the farmworkers do not work he lays them off for three days before they can return to work and the people do not talk at work because they are afraid that they will be fired.”


“The Berrimex Ranch, The farmworkers did get a 75% raise but they also raised the amount of fields that had to be completed, they did not raise the managers salary nor the security guards.

In the “manas de camaló”

The general manager is called Pisho he didn’t let the people join the march.”


“My denouncement is about the Don Juanito Ranch I have worked there for 15 years and they no longer want to give me work there because they don’t want me to retire there and my foreman is called Javier Sandoval”


“Berrimex Ranch in Chapala [Jojotepec, Jalisco]

The supervisor Paladio Santiago harasses the women and speaks in double entendres and is against the work stoppage that is becoming a reality.

In every meeting in the neighborhoods he warns those in charge of the Chapala [Jojotepec, Jalisco] Ranch.”


“Berrymex, Magaña Ranch #1

Engineer Anner

The engineer always increases our workload without understanding that not all of us have the same skills to pick. What they call assignments that in 8 hours of work we don’t pick the assignments.

The engineer tells us that he only obeys orders but the person that is his boss is Francisco Estrada.”


The Tierra del Norte Nopalera Ranch. The manager Don Pancho is a real suck up, he gives preference to his lovers by singling out fields that are easy, but if we single out fields watch out! He also makes fun of us, he tells us that we are not going to accomplish anything. There is no water and the bathrooms are falling apart.”


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