Denouncements by the Alliance of Federal, State and Municipal Organizations for Social Justice: Baja California, Mexico



Translation by Káráni:


In BerryMex [Mexican subsidiary of Driscoll’s] the engineer Rocio Mireya Gonzales is very rude with her personnel, there are many complaints against her. She does not account the actual time that people work. For example, if she stops the personnel from working at 6:00 PM, she records that they stopped at 5:00 PM and if they are good pickers she puts 5pm but stops at 6:00 PM. Another thing is that for the truckers, their overtime is divided amongst various days, or she records it when they take the day off, she does this so that they do not accumulate triple time hours. She is very demanding. She is not humble. She believes she is this grand person. We do not identify ourselves by name for our own safety, but we do have various complaints.

In BerryMex, the person responsible for the machinery is named Lazaro Sanchez, he mistreats the operators really bad through his verbal abuse using foul language and he subtracts a lot of the workers recorded time. The boss, who is called Raul Nicolas as it reads in an order always tries to change the shares of the operators and lies as a motherfucker, telling us not to try to remedy this because if we do it will be because we are brown nosers, but if the supervisors don’t believe our case we will take our letters and we will seriously publish them and if there is a need for testimonies they are also available.

BerryMex’s Ranch Chapala’s manager, Cipriano Angeles Herrera is in charge of keeping track of all the farmworkers that were involved in the work stoppage so that the engineer does not receive them even though they have a written contract from the office of human resources.


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