A Call to Action by the San Quintin Farmworkers

A Call to Action from the San Quintin Farmworkers

The Alliance of National, State and Municipal Organizations, makes the following call to all organizations, labor unions, collectives and people who agree that our struggle is just, to mobilize in solidarity with us on April 24, 2015.

On this date the Sub secretary of Governance, a commission of federal deputies, a commission of Senators, the representative of the International Labor Organization and visitors from the National Commission on Human Rights will be visiting us in San Quintin.

In some cases they have responded that our movement is only one of a few people, that our demands are not in line with the majority of farmworkers; and for that reason, we are going to demonstrate that our struggle is just and is backed by the majority of farmworkers in the fields, we will demonstrate by leaving the workplace and taking to the road that the people are united with us.

On this point, We ask for your support and solidarity by whatever means possible on this day  so that our farmworker struggle is heard in every corner of the country and in the wider world.

Towards a new future

Towards a new country

Alliance of National, State and Municipal Organizations for Social Justice



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