Thank You Part II. Capitalism Destroys. The People Build. Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés

Source: GRACIAS II. EL CAPITALISMO DESTRUYE. LOS PUEBLOS CONSTRUYEN. Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés. Enlace Zapatista

Translation by Tomás Alberto Madrigal, Sexta (trans)nacional

Thank You Part II.

Capitalism Destroys. The People Build.

Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés.

This is the word of the EZLN General Command, spoken by Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés, in the community of La Realidad Zapatista. Regarding the inauguration of the “Compañero Galeano” Zapatista Autonomous School and the “Compañero Subcomandante Insurgente Pedro” 26th of October Autonomous Clinic, addressed to the zapatista support base, on March 1, 2015.

Good Morning everyone, comrades who are from this zone, comrades of the La Realidad Caracol, on the Frontier Jungle zone.

Today we are here with you, comrades of this zone, precisely to turn over to the hands of the comrades of this support base in this zapatista community of La Realidad, Nueva Victoria, as it is called in our struggle together as the Zapatista National Liberation Army.

Comrades, male and female, what we want to make clear and what we have to understand, is that we continue to feel the grief that each and every one of us carries within, we the zapatistas; but not only the zapatistas of Mexico, but of the world, because a comrade is missing, he whose name this construction project bears: comrade Galeano.

This construction was the fruit and labor, the collective effort and organization of the comrades, men and women of the Sixth International and the Sixth National. Here is where we demonstrate what we are as zapatistas of Mexico and of the world.

Who we truly are, what we think, and love, is life and not to be killed.

But the job of capitalist system is to destroy what the poor peoples build. But the poor peoples will not cease to build, because it is their lifeblood. The system destroys because it knows that one day it will be overthrown as a system, because it is based on exploitation and humiliation. There is no life in what capitalism builds, we the poor are left with nothing, let alone what we build together, the people, men and women who struggle, nobody else.

And that is why we are saying here, at this construction site, what we are made of; and in the community of comrade Galeano, a teacher of the Zapatista little school, sergeant in his struggle, militiaman in his organization, authority in his life, the example that he demonstrated to us.

Capitalism wants for this example to be disappeared and we will not allow this to happen.

We want to say clearly here, in front of this community, to those who are not here with us: we are not against them. We want respect, they know this. We have said: if we are respected we will also respect, we are not here to kill the poor. But if they don’t care, they know that they are on the side of the criminal, of the exploiter, of the killer, which is capitalism.

We want to say this loud and clear, to those who are not in agreement with us: We do not take offense if you do not agree with us because one day it will be for you, maybe they will not see it as you are fathers and mothers today, because many will be fifty or sixty years old, but the result of what we are now trying to build your sons and daughters will see.

We say this with all our heart and with the truth: we are fighting for the people of Mexico, and perhaps we will be an example for the rest of the world. We want to make it clear that all we really want is life. We have said clearly that soldiers, for example, and the police, we are also fighting on their behalf, because we know that they are also poor, and that it is because of poverty that they enter the institution to sell their body, their life, their spirit, their blood, their bones, their flesh; which are sold because capitalism is willing to buy them through those institutions so that they will be defended. We will never see a rich person, or the child of the wealthy become a soldier, those who will face us on the battlefield, the children of the rich will be present, but they will be generals, because that is where they will dispose of the soldiers that they own.

We know it; it is the habit of the rich and that is the way that us poor people of Mexico are bought, by giving us trinkets so that we will believe that the Government has become good. But the bad government of this capitalist system will never be good, it will never be good, never, never will the good be rich. A simple example, if within ourselves, between family, brothers, sisters, and uncles, aunts, sometimes we fight amongst each other being that we are all part of the same family, same dad and mom, how is possible that we will ever believe what the rich tell us, how it is possible that we shall believe that they are all the sudden good, we don’t even know them. For example now that it is election time, who do we know amongst them who will be candidates?

We want to say this loud and clear: we have nothing against our brothers and sisters, those who want to be our brothers and sisters in the struggle. Whether or not they are down or aren’t down, it’s not a problem. But just as we say that there is not a problem, we also don’t want anyone to make problems for us. They who seek shall find. And when we say that, they who seek shall find, same as for any who identify as zapatistas, if we are going to take the offensive, it will be against those who provoke us. That is why we are saying clearly: we will not take the first shot, because we don’t have anything against those men and women, those who do not want to fight against us.

We are saddened and feel pity, because there are those who remain deceived, exploited, and humiliated. There is not a thing they can teach their sons, their daughters, between now and the future in that place. We, the zapatistas, care deeply about our sons and daughters, we want to show them the road that leads to where exploitation no longer exists, where humiliation no longer exists, a place where we can govern ourselves.

Thus, comrades, masculine and feminine, this building we are inaugurating right now is the fruit, the result of how others understand us, of how our comrades of the Sixth comprehend us, including even brothers and sisters of Mexico and the wide world who have not yet joined the struggle of the Sixth, as our Sixth Declaration urges, but who do support us with their hearts.

Perhaps, in the long run, they will have that epiphany and will join us in this struggle, but here we have evidence of their effort, their struggle, and the organization of those brothers and sisters of Mexico and the wide world who are not part of the Sixth.

But the biggest contribution has been the efforts, sacrifice and organization of those comrades of the national and international Sixth.

We are here to show how, when poor people organize themselves they do not need a capitalist system, that dominating, humiliating system is unnecessary. Here we have the proof in the results, the example. It was capitalism, the bad government of this country that ordered the destruction of the autonomous school of the support base comrades who are from here. They destroyed it, it was so easy to destroy, they also destroyed their clinic, you can see it was very (inaudible).

And here you have the results, the result of the effort and organization of our comrades of the national and international Sixth, and it is so much better because it was constructed by the poor people of Mexico and the wide world.

So let it be clear, that this is a demonstration that our comrades of the national and international Sixth care deeply about the struggle for life.

What hurts us is that this construction project was too costly because the life of our comrade teacher of the little school, comrade Galeano, is not worth the same as the cost of this building. The life of our comrade does not have a price. Unfortunately the bad government, the three levels of the bad government and just as there are many people who will sellouts, which do not think about their children, did what they did to our comrade Galeano.

What we would like to say here, because our word we share now will extend out into the wide world, we want to tell you, our comrades of the Sixth international and Sixth national, is that we have to think: Let us not organize ourselves or take action after our comrades are already dead.

In all honesty, we must organize ourselves without waiting for that death to ever happen. Better yet, let us demonstrate that it is the capitalist system, the bad governments, that are obsolete.

We must build what needs to be built whether or not there are deceased men or women, because in reality, we do not want those deaths to ever happen, rather it is the fucking capitalist system that wants to see us dead.

We want it to remain perfectly clear, we do not harbor any grudges or hatred against the poor, what we do not ever want to see again is exploitation.

We want that to be clear, that it is important to support the other comrades, not just the zapatista zones, we must support the other comrades by providing that which they are missing.

That is where we will not only say that we are organized, but that our organization is evident through what we do, through what we accomplish.

We have so much more to say, comrades, but that is why we will use these days we have together to work with you here. Right now we are present because we are going to present to the comrades of the Zapatista Army support bases this construction project, the gift that our comrades, masculine and feminine of the Sixth gave us.

This building is for the people. The community has to think and plan carefully, how it will be utilized, because it will be a beacon for all other comrades.

That is difficult, I won’t deny, because our comrade Galeano should be here with us.

He is no longer with us and we know who is responsible, and the question that we ask the actors (of what was done to comrade Galeano), How many thousands of pesos did he personally owe to those people who murdered him?, What did comrade Galeano ever steal from you for you to do what you did to him? Those questions will not have a response from the people who killed him. There is no response because in reality they were not robbed. The comrade never stole from them and did not owe them one cent. If anything, those people are in debt to us.

That is why we want to say clearly, we are not the guilty. If they want to respect us they should respect us, but we not only ask them to respect us; we the zapatistas also have to respect, that’s the only way that we will see who takes the first shot.

Because we the zapatistas have to also think about those little boys, little girls, and that is why we want to tell those we address to at least think about your sons and daughters. They all know what happened in 1994. When the bad government decides to come down there is no one that the army will hold in respect, they know this, and their said credentials thus have no value. It won’t keep you safe, everyone will be labeled a zapatista, you know this, and we want to remind you.

That is why we are speaking today that you may listen, that your hearts may be touched, that you may gather your heads and think this over. There is nowhere for you to go, less you leave this place, you will likely meet the same death wherever you may go. It is better to remain, live here and respect this place as people do, as Christians as you like to say. Even our animals understand, being that they are animals, but we are not animals, we are men and women, young men and young women, we have a mind.

Everything that indigenous people in Chiapas are receiving, what is given to them, the little bit that the bad government gives you is because the bad government does not want for these men and women to organize themselves, the government gives a hand out so that you will never think about organizing yourselves or to fight back. That is the primary problem because in doing so you are going to leave your sons and daughters a legacy of exploitation, humiliation, of being trampled.

This is what we the zapatistas no longer want, that is why we refuse anything offered by the bad government, because we do not want that system to exist. The capitalist system will never lead to our demise. We are speaking hear of capitalism, thousands of armies at its command and they will never vanquish us. Thus they begin to spread the rumor here and there that we the zapatistas are few, that is a government lie. But instead of shooting the breeze, as they say, we will demonstrate by our actions.

In the coming times we will continue remembering, honoring our comrade Galeano.

Therefore, comrades, those of you who are from the caracol de La Realidad zone, I present to you, in the name of the comrades of the national and international Sixth this building for the wellbeing of the comrades of this community, La Realidad, that you comrades who are advocates may begin to resume your tasks as health and education advocates.

We just want to make it clear that this building is for all of us; you can consider whether or not you want to destroy it once again. But what we also want to communicate is that the folks over this way are not going to destroy it, for that the bad government must come. Therefore do not allow yourselves to be used, sirs and madams, do not allow yourselves to be used by the bad government to be the ones who destroy this project, because you are also poor just like the rest of us, you know this.

Do not lend yourselves in this way, do not sell out, because you cannot buy or sell life. Let the bad government come and do their own dirty work. Where do the prayers you make in your church or temple go? Love thy neighbor as they say. Where did that go? Think about it, sirs and madams, do not be the same as the bad government that says one thing and does another, do not be like that sirs and madams. What is it worth if you preach one way and act the opposite? We no longer want this, for anyone to say one thing and do something else.

Like we said before we have comrades in the struggle, here is the result that we present to you today, the first of March. Therefore I make this formal transfer today, the first of March, Sunday, in the year 2015, at 34 past 10, central time zone.

Thank you very much, masculine and feminine comrades.

From the Mexican mountains of the southeast

By authority of the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee – General Command of the Zapatista Army for National Liberation.

Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés.

La Realidad zapatista, Mexico, March 2015.

Photos courtesy of Los Tercios Compas

Selection from “THE NOTEBOOK OF CAT-DOG”:

.- It is not the same to seek a debonair man to save us, than to seek to organize men, women, others, to save each other collectively. To delegate to another what is our own responsibility is at the very least, irresponsible.

.-Urgent Advisory: Do you feel depressed because the PRI and opposition candidates make you nauseous? Are you terrified, when you watch TV, because you don’t know whether it is the congressional channel or a comic strip? Are you sad because nobody blocks you, unfollows you, or orders you to get their cake? End the suffering now, tweet the following and you will see that your life will turn for the better…OK, he makes funny faces, but it’s something isn’t it? Here it goes:

In Mexico, the difference between a vote and a can is that the first is much more expensive…and the latter is more useful.

Lose weight: After eating, look up the proposals of the parties. Make sure to drink water after vomiting. Guaranteed. Patent pending via INE.

.- Tips for foreign tourists: In México the quesadillas do not necessarily have cheese inside, politicians may not have a brain, and reason may not have any bearing. That.

(To be continued…)








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