Amiltzinko, Temoac, Morelos 24 August 2014.

To all People who stand in defense of the territory.

To the National Indigenous Congress.

To the Zapatista Army for National Liberation.

The the free, autonomous media or however they call themselves.

To the Organizations that stand for the defense of human rights.


We, the free media, declare our rebellion against the Telecommunications Act and corresponding radio broadcasting regulations imposed by the bad Government [of Mexico]. We declare our resistance against the looting of our natural resources and in defense of the territory of our people, whom we acknowledge and say that we are part of the same struggle and that through our work, we seek to strengthen the organization of our collective defense of mother earth. With this we want to let you know that we are with you because your voice has ears that listen and hands that work to give strength to your word, that make it resonate without limits beyond our territories.

In this encounter of independent media in defense of the territory, we got to know the experiences of proponents of popular communication of different peoples and communities in Mexico and the world, we shared our knowledge and experiences, we found ways to coordinate our work, and recognized our struggles in the struggle of others. In encounters like this, we keep noting that we are many people who are willing to walk along the path of autonomy and self-determination.

The resistance of communities and their independent media are a convergence of rebellion that will halt the looting carried out by the bad Government together with national and transnational corporations; together in our struggles, people, communities, community radio and independent media break the information siege imposed by the corporate media that hide and distort the truth.

We know that in Mexico there are many villages that are the object of contempt, of dispossession, exploitation and repression. In the same way, our media is also subjected to state sponsored violence and criminalization, so we call upon each other for our mutual defense and support. Bad governments must understand that an injury to one is an injury to all. If they dismantle one of our radios or independent communication projects, we will build more. We will not allow them to continue to imprison and repress us, we are organized and are willing to ensure [by any means necessary] that we are able to exercise our rights. The technology is ours, we have appropriated it and we are disposed to use it and share it without limits. Enough already with the contempt of the state!

Faced with the reality of open confrontation, we have the great challenge of adding ourselves to the communities and the popular media fronts that are criminalized for exercising our rights to the territory, to self-determination, to communication and freedom of expression. We call upon them to form teams of attorneys with the ability to respond to arbitrary arrests, the distruction of broadcast equipment, criminalization, jailing and repressions of which we are currently the object.

In this context, we have seen the horizon that show us the many mirrors in which were reflected the accomplishments of the National Indigenous Congress and the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, whom we see as an example of dignity, rebellion and resistance that gives sustinance to our dreams and to our work. We hope to perform highly at this great task that was entrusted to us. We will respond with all our organizational force and capacity.

To the community of Amiltzinko, thank you for receiving us in your homes and for letting us follow the example of your organization from below and your collective work, we commit ourselves to continue walking together from our mediawork, the defense of your territory and to strengthen your community communication capabilities with the hope to return to this very place for the “First worldwide festival of resistances and rebellions against capitalism”.

We call upon other free, autonomous, alternative medias or however they call themselves to take on and enrich this statement to construct spaces of coordination and mutual support networks that allow us to strengthen and accompany the processes of organization in defense of the territory to win once and for all our struggle for life, land and liberty.


Never again a Mexico without us!

Freedom for Enedina Rosas, Juan Carlos Flores and Abraham Cordero!


We ratify this Declaration:

Axocotzin Radio; El caminante; Regeneración Radio; Radio Amiltzinko; Coletivo Hijxs de la tierra; Radio Ricardo Flores Magón; Radio Pozol; Radio Zapote; Radio Teocelo; Radio Fogata; Koman Ilel; Somos el medio; Agencia Subversiones; Ce-Acatl; Sandía digital; Tequio audiovisual; Telar de raíces; La voz de Villa radio; Radio Naxme; Bloque de colectivos de Morelos; Kolectivo Zero, Radio Placeres, Radio Nhandia, Autonomia Radial, La Chilenita, Coordinadora Nacional de Medios Libres y Comunitaros, Media Luna Pa Todos, Frente Juvenil en Defensa de Tepoztlán, Multi-Medios Karani.


(only some of the participants signed as several delegations returned on Sunday before the closing ceremony because they had to travel a long distance, We request the accession of other free media, independent, alternative or however it is called…).

Source: Declaratoria del encuentro de medios libres en defensa del territorio Agosto 2014


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