A Mechanical Engineer addresses Blowback: Highlights from the Pasco Coal Train Hearing


Sandip Dasverma. Photo by Sandip Dasverma.

Sandip Dasverma, Mechanical Engineer


My name is Sandip Dasverma and I am a mechanical engineer who worked in the power industry. Coal, Hydro, Oil and Nuclear so I am not a …{inaudible}.

However, I understand the process involved. Coal power plants have no future in this country because acid rains and other bad effects. So what we do is not to have any coal plant built only many grandfathered.


Figures come from this World Resources Institute Report. (Nov 2012). Cartography Unknown.

But, now the coal is being sent to China. The ash and soot get into the same atmosphere and do the same damage to us that we see if it was done in this country, they are no longer isolated.


China, Australia, India Coal Emissions in Metric Tonnes [Y axis missing 3 zeros]. Data source: CDIAC

In my opinion, this is a disasterous plot to move the coal to China. Remember Chrenobyl polluting the European milk?


An atlas of pollution illustration. Photograph: The Guardian

So because of the blowback, the cost will be horrendous and the external cost enormous. Thank you.

For more information see:

Power Past Coal
Wild Idaho Rising Tide
Washington Environmental Council
Community to Community Development


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