Wild Idaho Rising Tide breaks down Climate Change: Highlights from Pasco Coal Train Hearing

Helen Yose, Moscow, ID, Wild Idaho Rising Tide


I am Helen Yose, representing about 2000 members of climate activist group Wild Idaho Rising Tide. I hail from Moscow, Idaho and travelled that distance to speak to you today primarily about the climate change impacts of this port.

We also oppose the tar-sands infrastructure shipments that came out of the port of Pasco and went up highway 395 just recently in 2011 and 2012.


New routes for oil sands equipment. Cartography by David Badders, The Oregonian.

I would like to remind you that coal fired power plants contribute the largest source of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions in the world.

Building the Millenium Bulk Terminal will encourage emissions of toxic substances like Sulfur Dioxide, nitrous oxide, arsenic and heavy metals like chromium, cadmium and mercury.

Humans breath, each of us, 35 pounds of air, every single day along with all the other creatures on this earth. We of course will be incorporating those toxic substances into our bodies thanks to this terminal, the burning of coal in Asian countries, the destination of these coal export proposals.

Carbon dioxide contributes 83% of all emissions over the last 20 years and certainly this port and the burning of coal will contribute even more.

So we ask, in your environmental analysis, that you not only consider this dirty energy project, but also the alternative energy projects that would produce more jobs if these projects are allowed to go through. Like this project that seems to be rubger stamped by various federal, state and county agencies.

And in response to some of our opponents, I would argue that if we don’t ship coal to Asian countries, we are not losing out on an opportunity, it’s like someone saying “hey kid, if you don’t go out and sell drugs, somebody else will.”

For more information see:

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