Millenium Bulk Terminal Scope Hearing – Pasco, WA: Partial Transcript and Audio

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Audio Recording: Millenium Bulk Terminal Scoping Hearing Testimony in Pasco 10-1-13

Summary: Washington and Idaho citizens and government officials each offer two minutes of oral public comments about the Millennium Bulk Terminals proposal for coal export facilities in Longview, Washington, at a scoping hearing on Tuesday evening, October 1, in Pasco, Washington. Before 250 people and county and state agency representatives, during the temporary federal government closure, red-clad opposing and blue-clothed supporting speakers testify in order of drawn lottery tickets. They voice concerns about the global, regional, and community impacts of the Longview coal port and accompanying Northwest coal trains, for agency consideration in a draft environmental impact statement. Participants note employment opportunities, economic vitality, worker/public safety, and human, environmental, and climate health threats. (Wild Idaho Rising Tide)


Coal Export in the Northwest. Map by Think Progress.

Transcript of Testimony(Canopy Cooperative)

3267 = no review process.
3181 = Jerome Belling, Commissioner, Benton Couty, no on review process.
3186 = child, Dan, against coal trains
3194 = Oscar, Walla Walla, Amber energy, huge losses not a responsible party.
3088 = William smith, Benton County, Pres central wa trades commission, for port.
3160 = Derek Donnelly, Benton county, support trade industry
3202 = randy Mullen, Franklin, WA potato council, for terminal
3158 = Laurie Matsen, CEO Tri-cities chamber of commerce, for terminals, sent a complaint letter to gov Inslee.
3207 = Alexander Abelard, Richland, against coal terminals, EJ perspective.
*3129 = Steve Ericsson, Kennewick, Pastor UCC, & conference, green lining black coat
3115 = Richard Bellamonte, Benton County, program acquisition, total life cycle costs. EIS is essential.
3222 = Margie van cleave, Wapato, WA Sierra Club, against coal port
3045 = Felix Vargas, Pasco, for business development
3201 = Jonathan Olsen, Benton, Against EIS, BNSF
3217 = Steve Cooper, Farmer Franklin County, Exporter, for trains
Brad Peck, Franklin County,
3173 = morrow cry, Or, for coal train
3249 = Joanne Glasgow, lives in Benton Cty from Cowlitz Cty. For the coal train, jobs.
3175 = Walt Mcglassman, Benton Cty. For the coal train, demolition contractor, denies global warming.
3259 = organizer of hearing, for coal trains
3142 = Caroline, Pasco school teacher, against the train due to pollution near tracks.
3247 = Stacy Kieth, Longview WA, for coal train for promised jobs.
3112 = Mary Lyons, Longview, WA. Against Millenium Terminal. EIS should include cost of future litigation.
3082 = Gary Middleton, Franklin county farmer, against global review. Agriculture, Timber & Coal
3227 = Bob Stewart, Clark County, riverfront. Decline in vessel traffic. For the terminal.
3058 = Addressed ashma, for migrant workers and coal deposits on white salmon river.
3092 = Jeff Chulers, Cowlitz, Employee at boat terminal, lives next to railroad tracks in Kelso.
3206 = Laura Mackey, Atmospheric Scientist, concerned about climate change.
3154 = Eric Lasgo, Benton City, against the global study because of impact on new jobs.
3203 = Bill Shivley, Northwest Farm credit services, & Past president in Tri-cities Chamber of Commerce. Degree in Agricultural and Resource economics. Farm Banker. Against global review.
3009 = Franklin Cty, WA farmer, supports terminal. Exports and trade are critical to our economy. Large private investments like this terminal will make our region a global trade hub.
3149 = Randy Gardener, Cowlitz County, against global study.
3258 = Brandon, Longview, Boat Terminals, against global study.
3253 = Laurie Black, Cowlitz County, Millenium Boat Terminals. Against global study.
3042 = Betty Bost, Franklin County, in defense of coal. Grew up in Southern Indiana in coal country, deep mining and strip mining, went swimming in coal lakes.
3110 = Daniel Lee, Cowlitz County, Millenium Boat Terminals. Against global study.
*3148 = Sandeep, Mechanical Engineer, in coal, hydro, oil. Coal power plants have no future in this country because of acid rain. What we do is not to have any coal plants. Now the coal is being sent to china, the gas and Co2 will do the same damage to us as if it was done in this country. This is a disastrous plot. Remember Grenobyl polluting milk?
3108 = Paula, Clickitat Cty, supports broadest possible scope study, jobs for one generation is not worth the damage for future generations.
Chief Seattle speech on the environment!
*3106 = Mike Denny, Walla Walla, concerned about cumulative impact. Rivers in Germany, and Russia where they have been exporting coal. For a full scale. Strip out agriculture from the commodities. Separate agriculture from coal. Coal is coal.
*3185 = Stephanie Swanner, Franklin County, for coal terminal, wants more jobs. “I have six children, I teach them to be good stewards of the earth, and I do not feel that the impact of coal would damage them.” “Extreme environmentalism gets in the way of progress.”
3209 = Dave Gosland, Spokane, against terminal. Suffers from COPV from living a block away from the railroad, more jobs, yeah, we are going to need more medical personnel to deal with the impact.
3159 = Mary Vincent, Alliance for Northwest Jobs and Exports. 40 organizations. For the terminal. Position on pacific rim export economy.
3191 = Venishi Mashi, Walla Walla, opposed to Millenium terminal. Sacrifices generations right to a stable climate in the name of greed.
3232 = Cheryl, Clakamas County, Environmental Chemist for the Millenium Terminal.
3035 = Tiffany McGuyer, organizer, grew up next to rail lines in Cowlitz County. Lived right next to the coal plant. Saw first hand the health impacts.
3180 = Dorothy Knutsen, Walla Walla county, comments about the process, don’t need any more jobs that are degrading.
3165 = Terry Hill, Spokane County, Spokane stands to see increase in traffic without any jobs like here. Investigate the numbers of jobs.
* Joalla Robertson, Live near the rail line, Impacts of 16 extra coal trains every 24 hours. Study the huge amounts of coal near horse theif park from already running coal trains.


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