Familias Unidas Por La Justicia

A Photo Essay by Star Angelina Murray

Artist Bio:

Star Angelina Murray is an artist from the South Sound region of Washington State.In honor of her musical daughter, Star’s photography emphasizes the musicality of labor, forced migration, Mexican American identity and dispossession. Star is dedicated to images that represent the search for human dignity.

Raul Merino Camp 2 Cabin 66

Ramon y Diana Torres

Federico Lopez Camp 2 Cabin 69

Francisco Eugenio Paz Camp 2 Cabin 46

Antonio Jimenez and Ana Lopez Camp 1 Cabin 24

Carmen Juarez Vasquez Camp 1 Cabin 22

Rogelio Dionicio Camp 2 Cabin 45


Camp 2 Cabin 45

Camp 2 next to basketball court


Ramon Torres Extended Family


Josefina Pineda Camp 2 Cabin 48

Juana Sanchez Camp 2 Cabin 49

Lopez Camp 2 Cabin 69

Luisa Milagro Camp 2 Cabin 47

Marcelina Vasquez Camp 2 Cabin 34

Maura Vasquez 20282 Lafayette Rd Apt 225


Striking Families Camp 2

Teofino Eugenio Camp 2 Cabin 68



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