Itzpapalomeh: The Balance Keepers c2004

We didn’t meet very often in fact we only met with other groups like us if there was an emergency. To the rest of the world we just didn’t exist. To the certain people I am not at liberty to disclose, we were known as Las hijas de Tonantzin, a subgroup of the society for the Virgin de Guadalupe in the Mexican Roman Catholic Church, also known as the LasGuadalupanas. The Guadalupanas are a society of indigenous andmestiza women who strive to maintain our indigenous roots through the Church by conducting the rites of the Virgin of Guadalupeevery December. Every year, nine days prior to December twelfth the Guadalupanas perform preparation rites for her celebration. On December 12 there is the traditional singing of Las Mañanitasfollowed by a celebration hosted by the Guadalupanas to honor the anniversary of her appearance to one of our ancestors who was renamed Juan Diego after forced conversion. We are known to the rest of the community as Las Hijas because literally we are the daughters of many of the Guadalupanas. Our relationship with our mothers is an essential part in keeping indigenous tradition alive by performing ancient rites and rituals with our community that are just as sacred now as they were thousands of years ago. You may have heard of some of these celebrations which include one of the most famous is Dia de Los Muertos.

My name is Xochiquetzal or Xochitl for short, pronounced so-cheet, it means precious flower in our mother language, Nahuatl. My mother told me that she named me precious flower because I was given a precious gift that would bloom like a flower when I grew up. Though some kids would make fun of my name at school my mom always told me to be proud of my name and I always listen to my mom.

I have two gifts but have not fully learned to control them. I am young, only thirteen but my mind feels ancient. One of my gifts is an enhanced sense of prediction; Doña Rosa my madrinatells me that this is a common side effect of having this enhanced sense. She herself has an enhanced sense of energy; simply put it is the sense that you have inside of your ears that helps you keep balance and know where you are. Doña Rosa can tell when someone is coming or when if there will be a natural disaster by interpreting the pressure around her. This gift is usually accompanied by an enhanced tactile sense. It is the sense that you get in your gut when you’re around certain people that you feel uncomfortable with or the feeling you get when someone connects with you like a soul mate. This enhanced tactile sense is considered the sense of the healer. The person with this sense can feel what’s wrong with a person and prescribe the correct cure for most problems. Doña Rosa pursued this gift and was trained as a curandera a medicine woman. Having Doña Rosa as a teacher has helped bring out my second gift of healing. I am truly lucky to have a madrina as patient and loving as Doña Rosa.

People with the both of these gifts have been well documented throughout history. In religious books like the Torah, Koran and Bible people with my gifts have secured their place in history as prophets and “men” of god. I find this funny to an extent since according to the ancients it was mostly women who were born with these gifts with very few men. Unlike those men from the Western world’s sacred books, I do not claim to bring a message from god but am simply attacked by dreams, mostly nightmares that have always come true. Some of my dreams go back to the past into the lives of our ancestors and it is through the documentation of these dreams and genetic memory of the gifted that we have recovered many of the lost history that were burned as a result of the “Conquest.”

Not to confuse you, I am not evil or trying to step on western religions, in fact our organized efforts now exist under a western religion. It’s just that our ancestors had a different way of defining God. According to the ancients one of the words used to refer to the creator was Ometeotl or Lord of Duality. Rather than separating the Creator into good and evil or making the Creator male our ancestors knew God as something greater than the entire Universe who was made up of everything including good and evil, male and female, etc. Perfection or the concept of God according to the ancestors lied in balance. That is why theVirgin de Guadalupe is so special to us in the Catholic Church because her presence provides a sense of balance to all of the generations of indigenous peoples who were converted by force.

Doña Rosa has helped me understand my dreams by always asking me to tell her about them and to make sense of them through my words. She has always been patient with me, an elderly indigenous woman of short stature. Robust with the kindest eye’s you could imagine. Sometimes her eyes are so familiar that I see them in my dreams of the past, as if she was the one guiding my visions of the past. Doña Rosa tells me that I feel this because the ones who guide my visions of the past are also gifted; those gifted who act as the gate keepers to our genetic memories of the past which we regain when we die.

Our founding members had participated in that first interaction between America’s old World and our then new European co-inhabitants when the Virgin de Guadalupe or Tonantizin as we call the spirit of mother earth who intervened on our part because of the harsh treatment by Spanish soldiers and Catholic priests against our people.

There was a great genocide, which to my knowledge was the largest the world has seen to this date where more than 95% of the indigenous population in Ixtachitlán or what is now known as the American continents was wiped out by disease, abuse and murder. These were horrible times for everyone especially the gifted who could sense the destruction on a deeper level than most people. This was why we intervened, we had been a part of the process and it was our responsibility to make things better. Our founders I’m sure, understood how long it would take to accomplish.

Our services were welcomed by certain priests in those times. These were the same priests who were martyred for protecting the rights of the people which they served, the people that our founding members had served for generations.

In societies of the past we were called upon to maintain balance, to maintain the homeostasis of a society. There were more of us then, only a select few remain in Las Hijas de Gaudalupe throughout the world. In the Tri-cities chapter there are only five and we’re one of the largest groups in the region. In our current society this is a positive thing, and is probably the reason our gifts are kept secret. Just as our gifts can be used to help those in need, they can also be abused to maintain power over a population. A situation that led to the fall of the Aztec civilization. I mean, come on, do you really think a small group of Spanish soldiers could have taken out a professional army of thousands of battle hardened warriors under the lead of generals trained in prestigious warrior schools?

The fall of that civilization took years of planning by our ancestors starting with the dispatching of Malintzin to Tobasco in the guise of a slave upon the visions of the invasion attempt that would come. With the help of other tribes led by renegade gifted and generals under our allegiance, Malintzinlater known as La Malinche helped bring an end to our abuse by using her gift for languages, the an enhanced sense of hearing that makes one able to understand languages, to tell Moctezuma IIthat one of the Spaniards a nasty guy named Hernando Cortes was the returning prophet QuetzalcoatlQuetzalcoatl was actually the very first of our kind in the America’s to help the civilizations of old Meso-America by influencing the rulers of the Toltecs to take to the sciences, education and arts.

This charade worked wonders by riling up the already demented Moctezuma II who was superstitious and feared our gifts. This of course only breaks the surface of what really happened but sheds light on the complexity of it all.

For generations we had been the extended senses of theTlatoani, the supreme ruler of the Aztec government, kind of like the President of the United States. Actually exactly like the President because like the Presidents the Tlatoani came from the upper class and was elected by a type of Electoral College of made up of nobles or representatives of the different regions of the Aztec empire.

Our gifts are not magic by any means. Our gifts are simply gifts, extensions of our human senses that everyone uses. Some of gifted can tactilely feel when something is going to happen, they can feel the energy radiated by the atoms that make up our bodies and have learned to interpret that energy, many become healers like Doña Rosa. Some can hear the slightest intonation and thus have a knack for communicating and understanding everything that speaks like Malintzin. Some can taste the presence of people in the air, that salty taste of electricity from the charged electrons that auroras our beings. Others can smell those same charges and can use that information to tell if someone is healthy, ill, or dying. There are those who can see not only in the “visible” spectrum but beyond, which allows them to see at night and to tell if something is giving off heat the remnants of the energy our electrons give off. There are two other senses that humans have, but do not recognize. Every human, for example has the sense of prediction, it is a sense that sets us apart from the rest of Earth’s beings because we can also compensate. There are those in our society that can predict events on a higher level whether through dreams or through visions. As I told you before, my gifts have been nightmares which come to me on their own. I have not yet learned to control them so that I can see a specific event or go back and forth in a single bout. The other sense that we tend to ignore as humans is our ability to sense changes in pressure, contrary to what you might think this sense is very important especially in prelude to a natural disaster when the pressure changes due to natural forces. This sense is very common among mothers who can sense the presence of their children in the room or know if their child is in danger.

The history of the gifted of course, was not the reason we had to meet this time. There were a great many evils happening in the world around us. All five of us met in the basement of the St. Patrick’s Catholic Church parish office in Pasco. It was a familiar place, this was where community meetings were held, where platicas in preparation for baptisms, first communions and confirmations were held. We had cleared the floor in the middle of the long room with florescent lighting and sat with our legs folded under us in a circle. Doña Rosa was leading since she was the elder in our group and stood in the center of the circle. I sat to the north as I was the one person who could see into time, the smoking mirror that we called Tezcatlipoca. My direction represented the Earth which was also the trait of the healer.Maria a middle-aged psychologist who had the gift of language, sat to the left of me to the east because her gift stood for knowledge or communication, her direction was named afterQuetzalcoatl and represented the wind which represented the distribution of knowledge. Josefina with the gift of enhanced vision sat across from me. She was all of eight years old but was feisty. The south stood for fire the will that a human has. Not one of us argued whether or not Josefina had more will than all of us put together. If she had a question she would question all of us looking deep into our eyes until she got the answer she wanted from us. She is very special to us all. To the West, the direction of courage and water sat Citlali named after the stars. She was 20 and in college. I have to admit I really looked up to her. She had the enhanced gifts of taste and smell and was the best cook out of all of us. She really knew how to make us feel better and rally our courage. Something that we needed for what we were going to hear next.

Hijas, we are gathered here today because I have just gotten news from the International congress that there will be a great task ahead of us.” Doña Rosa shared as she smudged our bodies with sage.

“It is really important that we meet regularly, because the task ahead of us requires that we master our skills so that we may use them in a unified effort to bring balance back to this world.-haste para aca mijita-there you go Josefina, try to pay attention.”

“As I was saying, this means that you, Citlali will have to take a break from college, and you Maria will have to take leave of your job, and Xochitl and Josefina will have to stay home from school.”

“But why Doña Rosa? What about my clients?” pleaded Maria concerned with her situation.

“I will reveal more to you as I get word from thecongresso.”

No te apures Maria, I’ve been having visions and things will be changing rather dramatically in the months to come.” I blurted.

“I knew it! Xochitl does it have to do with the war that’s going on? Does it!”

“We get to be the ones who change the world likeMalintzin! Wow! I can’t believe it!” Citlali butted in.

“Let’s not jump to any conclusions until we know for sure,” Doña Rosa reminded us now bringing us water from the center of the circle to remind us of the elements.

Washington D.C. has a new opposition group to worry about. Las Hijas de Guadalupe. For creating so much terror throughout the world, so much oppression, so much exploitation all within the few centuries of its existence. It has been over three months since this meeting that took place a couple of weeks before the September 11th attacks on the United States. It is a meeting that took place all over the Americas and abroad.

There was a small loss of lives, but those lives were incomparable to the amount of lives that U.S. bombs and wars have taken during it’s short existence even in the last three months.Las Hijas de Guadalupe exist to maintain balance in the world around us, sometimes maintaining balance means bringing down a nation. It is a job that Las Hijas have taken on with the greatest amount of respect and seriousness. Xochitl now controls her visions with an accuracy that has taken generations to bring about her contributions have taken the form of intelligence that has been sent out to foreign nations to show George W. Bush and his Coup’s true intentions with this ongoing “War on Terrorism.”

Citlali has now joined a guerrilla group organizing in the Virginian suburbs of Washington D.C. they are setting up base there and awaiting orders from the congresso. Citlali was eager to be at the forefront and will serve as an intern for George W. Bush through the Congresso‘s network.

Maria is now the head of the regional Congresso for Las Hijas de Guadalupe and is also in charge of leading the way in the rebuilding effort that will take place after the anticipated fall of the United States. This time Las Hijas de Guadalupe plan to become a major part of the Government that Xochitl has invisioned as the first functional Socialist Democracy in the History of the world.

Josefina for the mean time remains with me. She is learning more about her gift of vision and pretends to be at the forefront most of the day. I haven’t told her yet but Xochitl has had visions of Josefina being a part of the new government thirty years from now. There is a lot to expect from this feisty 8 year old. As for me, my sense of pressure has taken much out of me, soon I will cross over to the other mundo that waits for me where all will be revealed. I am only grateful that I took part in the first wave of a new era. I hope that our story will be told by our grandchildren and our great grandchildrens children for generations to come. Remember us in your prayers.

Santa Maria, de la esperanza.

Manten el ritmo, de nuestra espera

Manten el ritmo, de nuestra espera!


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