El Petacas

¡Arriba con Petacas! El Bulle told me to yell as encouragement for Petacas, a 60 some old compañero on Chuki’s cuadrilla. He’d respond with a disgruntled grunt under his breath, and Chuki would tell Bulle to knock it off. Petacas of course are suitcases, baggage, as in the baggage of the de’rear and el Bulle would admire Petaca’s Petacas and dry rape him time to time. All this man needed now was for some 15 year old to join the teasing of “Arriba, con petacas” as in “booty on my lap” Petacas was the sweetest man, un abuelo, who when you’d ask, would sing you the corrido del “caballo blanco” along with a comical “Mi caballo, mi caballo” from a golden era comedy. A toothless grin, I never understood why everyone picked on him so much. He didn’t let it phase him. He had his 50th anniversary and invited everyone, it was simple, only the mass dedicated to the event, him in a suit. A few years later, I saw him for the last time in a suit at the same church, he died a campesino in all his dignity.


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